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Homeworkhelp4u is here to help you with your C/C++ homework. Our tutors have many years of experience in C/C++ programming and have already helped thousands of students with C/C++ homework assignments. Although one of the most popular high level programming languages C/C++ can be difficult to get to grips with. Its large feature set is known to be difficult to master causing programmers to produce over complicated solutions to a problem. Our experts will help you to better understand programming philosophy, techniques and how to write a great C/C++ program.



Ø      All our staff are highly qualified and experienced graduates with at least a BSc.

Ø      We only use our own ‘in-house’ staff.

Ø      Our tutors have international experience in teaching/delivering C/C++ courses and are familiar with the various curricula studied in both the USA and UK .

Ø      Our tutors will write the program solution using a coding style and naming conventions that are similar to any book references you give us, or other samples of your own work.

Ø      Our tutors will write the C/C++ program solution in a simple/easy to understand, but highly effective, way.

Ø      Our tutors will add comments to the C/C++ program solution, as appropriate.

Ø      Our tutors will provide instructions and guidance on how to compile the C/C++ program solution they provide. They will also advise about the use of various compilers.

Ø      Our tutors can also help you with your programming homework assignments in C# and the .NET platform.

Ø      Our tutors have access to a vast array of other C/C++ help reources, both textual and electronic.

Ø      Before returning the solution to you it will be checked by a supervisor.

Ø      You send us the C/C++ program assignment that you want help with and we will respond rapidly with a quote to meet your needs.

Ø      Our prices are highly competitive and very affordable.


C/C++ platforms:

We can work on assignments for UNIX, LINUX (using G++ and GCC) or MS Windows platforms and we can use a variety of compilers.

Visual Studio 2002-2015. (Visual C++)

Code Blocks

Visual Studio 2002-2015. (C#)


G++ gCC

Miracle C

Bloodshed DEV C++




Borland C++

Borland C++ Builder


Fields of experience:

STL programming
Data structures
Abstract Data Types using Arrays
Sorting Arrays
Single Link Lists
Double Link Lists
Abstract Data Types using Link Lists
Sorting Link Lists and Binary Search
Hash Tables and Binary Heaps
Binary Search Trees
AVL Trees
Graph Algorithms
Simulation Techniques
Infix/Postfix expressions
Windows programming
Windows graphics programming
Database programming. DAO/ADO
Interface Design